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F1rst is a business research and consultancy organisation specialising in additives/ingredients for Food & Beverage Industry, fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates and associated Technologies from biotech to packaging, process, medical engineering, waste recycling, etc.
Market research

Industry insights, Customer opinion, Competitor analysis, New trends, etc.

  • Supply-Demand AnAlysis
  • opportunity ASSESSMENT
  • R&D Priorities Assessment
  • Technical & Commercial Feasibility Assessment
advisory services

Strategic thinking for the Agri & Food Industry

  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Operations Restructuring
  • Data Analytics & Digitisation
  • Custom Solution

F1rst brings ingredient and food industry executives together to the same table with highly focused networking events.

  • Webinars

Digital platform to address value addition between Farmer and Food service & Retail Industry.

  • farmf1rst
  • FirstData
  • custom solutions

100+ Global Clients

 Cover 30+ Demand Sectors across the Food and Feed industries

Globally present Consultants

Analyzed 500+ ingredients in the past 12 months

Register 200+ new Products in our Database every Year

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Featured in Food Marketing & Technology Sep'23
The Growing Market For Alternative Plant Protein Ingredients In India’s Meatless Sectors

Featured in Food Marketing & Technology Aug'23

Changing Dynamics of the Indian Edible Salt Industry - Trends, Challenges, and Outlook
Featured in Food & Drink Industry Jul'23

Exploring Functional Ingredients for Elevated Taste in Plant-Based Foods

Featured in Food Marketing & Technology Jun'23
Dextrose Supply-Demand Dynamics in the Indian Market: A Look

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