F1rst offers market research services in the F&B ingredients space for varied studies ranging from supply-demand-forecast analysis, opportunity assessment, R&D priorities assessment, competitive evaluations, market entry strategies, partner search for/in Indian sub-continent markets. F1rst also provides a wide range of customised market research studies that help understand different food ingredients markets in Indian sub-continent.

Multi client studies

Our multi-client studies enable clients to obtain a detailed understanding of a given set of markets and ingredients, based on F1rst's 360-degree research methodology. Such studies contain market insights on the supply and demand of ingredients across end-use sectors, to identify market size, market trends, opportunities and challenges faced, current and future demand, and to arrive at a picture of the ingredients market in the key regions of the Indian sub-continent.

However, a client can request additional research within the general scope of the multi-client study in order to answer particular questions, and this part of the research remains confidential should the details be specific to that client.

Given on the right is a list of our recent multi-client studies.

recent studies

  • Plant protein ingredients, 2021
  • Meatless food ingredients, 2021
  • E-Number modified starches, 2020
  • Industrial grade modified starches, 2020
  • Value added functional modified starches, 2019
  • Protein ingredients, 2018
  • Starch & Derivatives, India, 2017

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