Table-Top Exhibits

Table-Top Exhibits are designed to provide the most convenient and cost-effective interaction between the participants and the exhibitors (suppliers of ingredients, processes and packaging). This event helps:

  • To provide the opportunity to interact with key processors in the region for ingredients, processes and packaging
  • To encourage the participation of key processors
  • To educate processors on new product possibilities

GiTEx Exhibitions        

Academic Outreach

The main objective of this initiative is to promote Processed Traditional Indian foods research amongst PhD candidates across Indian universities and research institutes. The project targets two different groups of PhD students:

  • Group 1: students who are about to complete their PhD and hence will soon be examining opportunities for employment
  • Group 2: students who are about to commence their PhD studies

1. PhD Student Promotion Programme
We conduct this special programme exclusively for research/PhD students. PhD students proposing to conduct or currently conducting relevant research in food science including processing, technology, legislation and characterization are eligible to participate in the programme. The unique aspect of the programme is that it encourages inter-disciplinary research, thus encouraging revolutionary and innovative findings.

2. DuPont NutriScholars Award (DNA) - An Open Innovation Programme

DuPont NutriScholars Award (DNA), a pan-India food science programme that facilitates knowledge exchange and drives innovation among the country’s food academics. This programme aims to develop innovation capability of university students with support from DuPont. The programme was previously held in 2017, 2018 and 2020. The competition provides a platform to bring innovative ideas in local and ethnic foods using at least one or more DuPont food ingredients.


AO Programmes         



We bring together members of leading companies in the Food Ingredients Industry across many sectors for high-level symposium, discussions and contacts. Some of our latest ones are:

  1. Starch Forum [11th Edition, Thursday, 14-Sep-2023 | The Orchid, Mumbai]
  2. Processed Indian Traditional Foods (PITF) [4th Edition, Wednesday, 18-Oct-2023 | Bengaluru]
  3. Tapioca Forum [Friday, 25-April-2014 | Hotel Park Plaza, Salem]
  4. Nationwide Survey on Antibiotic Residue Prevalence in Dairy in India (ARTS) [AY 2018-19]



F1rst interacts with the clients in the food ingredient, agro chemicals, advanced materials, packaging and technology, sectors across the world through webinar by presenting, interacting and discussing about various studies which are being published by F1rst. Questions from the clients are answered live to understand the market insights about the various studies. F1rst webinars gives an overall understanding about the entire study through presentation by the subject matter experts in the company.


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